Saturday, April 02, 2005

"The Big Con" - a kind of review

Today I saw the show "The Big Con" starring Max Gillies and Eddie Perfect at the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne (

Before that show I was not particularly looking forward to it - Max Gillies' style of humour is well known and predictable. Would there being anything fresh? Max presented nothing new - his satirical representations of a range of mostly Australian politicians from the current Howard Government are good but expected. But Mr Eddie Perfect I did not know - and probably should - he was good with a strong singing voice. Is this his real name?

In the end, 2 hours reasonably spent but not sure either that good satire is achieved by claiming that homosexuality underlies so much of what you oppose.

But oh the audience!

Do people over 60 constitute the majority of the audience of most Melbourne theatre productions these days? If so, then theatre in Melbourne has a very limited future. It's depressing!

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