Sunday, November 20, 2005

Malthouse Theatre's Love - Is not about.......

The latest production in the current season for the Malthouse Theatre is LOVE by Patricia Cornelius.

Run in the Tower Theatre at the Malthouse, this play almost had the distinction of having more actors than audience - and there only three actors. But the 15 or so people who attended the show I saw must have felt as I did - these three young actors deserved more.

Love is not a soft, gentle piece about romantic love. Lesbian relationships, drugs, prostitution, abuse, lies are what we have here as we are exposed to the hard reality of life for some young people. This play has a lot in common with the underlying thread of the play (End of the Rainbow) being run down the road at the MTC about Judy Garland. Some people are used, mistreated and abused by others with such obvious self interest dressed up as "love".

While the abuse of Judy is wrapped and made bearable by the music, the characters of Love have no such softeners.

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