Friday, May 27, 2005

The Downfall

This week I went to see the movie "The Downfall" at the Nova in Carlton at 9.00 pm on Monday night.

Starring Bruno Ganz as Adolf Hitler in the final days of WWII in the German leaders bunker in central Berlin, this is a great movie about a truly awful event. While Ganz puts in a masterful performance, I was surprised that the film had so many sub plots. All of these stories were compelling in their helplessness, their honesty, their resignation. I can remember reading in the masterful book "Albert Speer - His Battle with Truth" by Gita Sereny that true evil was banal. While this movie was anything but banal, the thinking of Hitler, Josef Goebbels and his wife was so icy even as the world collapsed around them.

Not a movie that you leave whistling but truly worth the 156 minutes.

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