Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Emerging New Melbourne Cricket Ground

Last Saturday, wanting the see the AFL game between the West Coast Eagles and Collingwood, I had my first opportunity to visit the "new" Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and sit in the new stands that have now almost encircled the Ground. We sat in the new Ponsford Stand at the western end of the Ground. Having sat in the old Ponsford, I feared that it would still seem a long way from the game when action was occurring at the other end of the ground.

The stands look great and create a wonderful bowl effect. When some 100,000 people are packed in, the atmosphere will be wonderful.

But I still prefer to watch footy at the Telstra Dome.

Outside the ground a real carbuncle is emerging in the form of the new pedestrian bridge from outside the ground to Birrarung Marr. And all for the Commonwealth Games!

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Phillip Molly Malone said...

On the subject of favorite ground to watch at, for me, it really depends on where at the ground you are allowed to sit.

For example, being a Hawks supporter, my favorite was Waverly. This is because our seats were directly on center wing behind the interchange benches.

The MCG would be next as I can just about always get a ground level seat.

The Dome is the worst for me as a lot of times I have to sit on Level 3 where you lose all atmosphere of the game, IMHO.

I am actually luck that I sometimes am able to get tickets to Level 2 in Axcess 1 as my company has seats there.