Tuesday, June 07, 2005

3 Dollars or "The Tanya Tigers of Edam"

Another Monday night another movie at the Nova in Carlton.

This time the Australian film " Three Dollars" starring David Wenham and Frances O'Connor.

According to the director, "the film is about a good man being tested in all aspects of his life. Tested in his relation with his wife and daughter. Tested in his morality about his work. Tested in his financial situation, and tested even in the streets he walks on!"

True, but it takes a long time to get there. Some bits are simply unbelievable e.g. the tramp for a night scenes. Not great but another enjoyable David Wenham performance. Somewhere there is a great film just waiting for Wenham. This is not it.

And why "The Tanya Tigers of Edam"? In the film, the Frances O'Connor character (Tanya) tells her young daughter that she is doing work on the "Tamil Tigers of Elam". Later in the film - in a very tense moment - this is fed back by the child as ...

The Tanya Tigers of Edam.

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