Monday, June 13, 2005

The Annual Trip to the Healesville Sanctuary

Each year on the Monday of the Queens Birthday weekend, my family travels to the Healesville Sanctuary some 70 kms east of Melbourne.

We have been animal sponsors at Healesville for 10 or more years and as members of FOTZ (Friends of the Zoo) we get free admission to the sanctuary.

This is a wonderful place to spend 3-4 hours walking around the very natural bush setting with enclosures that give a maximum of space and as natural a habitat as possible. Their work on the platypus and the various exhibits for this animal are an absolute treat. As is the opportunity to touch Australian animals - wombats, dingos, etc.

A very pleasant day with a walk in the bush and its sounds and smells:

- the smell of lemon eucalyptus leaf litter
- the mimicry of a lyrebird in full song and full display.

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1 comment:

William Luu said...

Healesville is quite nice this time of year. But a bit cold.

On the Queens Birthday weekend, I went past Healesville over to Marysville (Steavensons Falls) which is quite nice too.

I agree with you on that area being a nice place to spend a few hours walking the tracks. In fact, the whole Yarra Ranges area is very nice. (It's quite refreshing to get away from the city every now and then).