Saturday, August 06, 2005

MTC's Cheech

What a surprise!. When going to MTC plays can be such a mixed experience, finding a play like Cheech is a real joy. Turns out this is a Canadian play from Montreal - hence the French rap music with American accents. As the blurb from the company says:
The Chrysler convention is in town and Ron runs an escort service, so could there be a better day for making an easy buck? All he's got to do is show the Chrysler guys a portfolio of his girls and just wait for the calls. But everything goes wrong, everything gets way out of order, and there's only one guy to blame: Cheech!
This is a very fast paced play that used a device of seeing the events that lead to the conclusion mostly going backwards. The 4 men and 2 women characters have stories that weave together in a wonderfully engaging way. Young Australian cast showing real talent lead by Aaron Blabey as the manic Ron struggling to run his callgirl business while trying badly to work through the workbook exercises designed to address his depression. And Cheech - we never see him but hear just references to this competitor of Ron.

Very entertaining.. and loud.

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