Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Very Personal Page 8

The final play in the current winter season for the Malthouse Theatre is Page 8 written (with Louis Nowra) and performed by David Page.

In what the Age describes as "another knockout one person play at the Malthouse", Page takes us on a very personal journey through his life - as a child in an aboriginal family in Brisbane, as a successful adolescent pop star, as a concretor and as a dancer.

Why Page 8? Simple - David was the eighth child in a family of 12 children.

This is a very easy story to like. There is real talent here from an artist who is a lover of the strength of a family and the values that bind and one who doesn't take himself too seriously.

But I have to confess I found myself asking whether this very real exposure of the person telling a real story was "good theatre" or just a bit too self indulgent.

In the end it is just a good story , well told by a very talented man. Perhaps it is me who is taking himself too seriously?
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