Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Is Small Theatre Going to Work?

The latest production in the current Winter season of the Malthouse Theatre is The Black Swan of Trespass . The play is being performed in the new theatre (The Tower) within the Malthouse complex that seems to respresent some sort of throwback to the La Mama style of theatre. ie small, uncomfortable, and ernest.

Unlike other productions within this current season - all of which are one actor shows - this production has four actors playing on a very small stage in front of an audience of perhaps 100.

The play which revisits the topic of the Ern Malley Affair has been well reviewed in the Age - perhaps even a little too well. Amusingly the created Ern Malley and his fictional sister Ethel are given lives that go beyond the limitations imposed by their creators. But it is a limited joke and the suggestion by the Age reviewer that this is an insightful comment on Australian culture seems to be stretching it just a tad.

Not the best of the season - that remains Alias Grace.

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