Thursday, July 28, 2005

What is happening to The Age?

Since the arrival of Andrew Jaspan as Editor of The Age, the paper has undergone a series of changes that make me wonder just where Mr Jaspan thinks he is taking the paper.

Now I admit that grumpy old men of my age dislike anything that upsets their world view.

I liked the Age that had a different supplement each day of the week. It gave me comfort, appealed to my biases and confirmed my view of things.

Jaspan decided that had to go.

But being the accommodating person I am, I grew to like the Metro supplement that replaced the daily themed supplements. My family likes to read the Age and each of them have particular favourite sections. The separate sections of the paper allowed for it to be broken up for parallel reading. But Mr Jaspan didn't like that either.

So now the separate Metro has been absorbed into the main part of the paper. How can someone do the Sudoko now without tearing out a page? Does Jaspan understand how people read and share the paper? Seemingly not.

Jaspan wake up. The things that differentiate a newspaper are not the wire service news items at the front. They are the things that reflect the community it serves.

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